The Rich History and Impact of the Yarra Valley on Art

Taking an artistic trip to the Yarra Valley is one of my favourite things to do. It is home to some of Australia’s  most rich and inventive art scenes, and is preserved by exciting contemporary artists. Art is such a significant component to the Yarra Valley with a solid history and an exciting future.

The Yarra Valley Arts is just one of these organisations that maintain and propagate the culture; it’s a superbly rich history, dispersed over almost three decades. It’s conducted by a volunteer Committee of Management, supported by monetary and non-invasive associates and grants from several sources. The group meets regularly to plan and execute arts tasks for the forthcoming twelve months.


Both groups and individuals with ideas for artwork related projects frequently contact Yarra Valley Arts, for help, support or advice. They are present to inspire creative expression, participation and community link with the arts inside the Yarra Valley. They firmly believe new ideas and new energies would be the stimulation that drives creative and development actions within the Yarra Valley.

However, the arts community extends outside Yarra Valley Arts, to understand the entire landscape let us look quickly at the way that it’s grown.

Journey from cultural Heritage into the cutting-edge future

An Integral driver is the famous Heidelberg School, that required much of its inspiration in the Yarra Valley. You may really see where artists such as Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton and Frederick McCubbin painted and lived across the Heidelberg School Artists Trail and see Montsalvat, Australia’s oldest artists’ colony.

Should you jump forward into the mid-twentieth century, then you can see iconic Australian functions by Albert Tucker, Brett Whiteley and lots of other people in TarraWarra Museum of Art’s sleek galleries which have been inspired by parts of the Yarra Valley.

Currently, you are able to glimpse into the studios of working artists such as wood Carvers, painters, electronic artists, sculptors, jewellery designers and other artists before their work goes into a glass showcase, when they throw open their doors throughout the yearly Open Studios program. This provides you with the chance to meet the artists, learn about their inspirations and choose their works with you.

Yarra Valley as a Source of Inspiration

Countless works are motivated by the Yarra Valley. Famous modern Greek Australian artist Paul Laspagis will exhibit his most recent works from his collection ‘The Floating Landscape – Yarra Valley’ in one of Melbourne’s modular exhibition spaces, curated by Dr Ewen Jarvis. Produced in Lemnos in 1949 and adapting to Melbourne in 1957, the painter studied at the National Gallery Art School with John Brack and Alun Leach-Jones.

Being a dedicated cubist, Laspagis explores techniques that Let him change the normal and passing into horizontal, formal monuments that provide the illusion of solidity and permanence.

With a career spanning four years, Laspagis is always Growing his “artistic expression, producing unique requirements of his own visual experience”.

Laspagis is just one of many renowned artists that stayed in accommodation in yarra valley and enthralled themselves inside the landscape to create these magnificent works

Consuming Artwork in the Yarra Valley

Next time you are there, lie back on sweeping winery yards beneath summer stars and drink in the regional drops, the sounds of this area’s Outdoor musical presentations. Soak up songs from pop superstars, jazz Maestros, and classical divas at the vein of regional legend Dame Nellie Melba. You are at the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges, in which ingenuity is contagious. There is normally local artworks exhibited in each breakfast restaurant, sculptures on the roads and magnificent galleries on many corners.