Appropriate Museum Attire

If you’re wanting to go on a cultural excursion this holiday season, the museum is definitely one destination not to be missed. It is where art and history collide to communicate information from various cities through its relics, sculptures and much more. However, every museum includes a set of unspoken rules that you need to abide by to prevent getting hounded by the museum security. So here are a few dos and don’ts to prepare you to your next museum excursion.

Dressing up

Dressing up for museums can at times be difficult. While most museums don’t have dress codes to adhere to, others have strict rules that may bar you from entering if you don’t abide by them. Follow these recommendations to fool proof your appearance. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

DO: be certain to cover up when visiting a museum. This is particularly important for more conservative museums such as the Vatican Museums. Go for sleeved dresses or play it safe by bringing a blazer with you. That way, you have the ability to look artfully stylish while you breeze through any museum. Likewise cover your legs up by leaving your miniskirts at home.

DON’T: When going to museums, remain clear of bright colours. Certain traditional cultures discourage women from dressing too noticeably, so it’s better for you to honour such cultural norms. Bright-coloured clothing may also go against the solemn atmosphere of certain museums such as the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Darker colours are preferred as they signify a more serious and modest dress code which many museums will approve of.


A pair of appropriate footwear is of utmost importance to make certain that your visit to the museum is a pleasant one. Imagine travelling miles to go to the museum of your dreams only to be daunted by a set of ill-fitting shoes. What a terror would that be.

DO: if you want to see a museum, be ready to do plenty of walking. Wear a pair of trusty sandals that will help you make it through the day. Moreover, wearing sandals will keep you from distracting other museum-goers as they will probably make little sound.

DON’T: If possible, don’t wear thongs to museums. You definitely don’t need to appear too sloppy on your excursion. Furthermore, wearing thongs might be seen as a form of disrespect and restrict you entry to some museums.


It is said that accessories make the outfit. For each woman, the correct accessories would mean another dose of style.

DO: Bring along a casual small bag or a satchel to store your things. Carrying a little bag will lower your chances of knocking into any valuable artefacts or sculptures. If possible, make certain that your bag has a leather rather than a chained strap. This is to keep you from scratching the walls of the museum.

DON’T: Most museums require that you pass through a metal detector, so avoid wearing a lot of metal accessories that may trigger the alarm. Moreover, metal accessories that generally reflect light can damage specific art pieces, hence it’s better to not wear them. Instead, opt for accessories made from other materials. Go for a statement necklace made from wood to finish your look or put on a pair of pearl stud earrings for that elegant finish.